How much does a professional painter costs?

Every project is different. The cost depends on many factors: The type of work, the materials needed, the preparation needed and the type of products that you want to use. This is why Pro Works Painters offers free estimates. Our representative will identify your needs and provide you with an estimate that fulfills your needs while fitting within your budget.

Do we need to buy the paint?

We typically provide the paint. You are free to provide your own paint if you desire to do so, however, we have found from experience that often other products are of lower quality, meaning that they cover less effectively, or that they do not last as long (deteriorate faster). Or, if you do decide to provide high quality products, these products are often much more expensive than using the products we provide.

We are partners with the largest paint company in the country, Betonel-PPG. We buy large volume of paint every year, therefore, we have better prices and a strong support team from them. We almost always provide an all inclusive service. This frees you up to decide on only one thing: what colours you want!

Who are your painters?

All our painters have a great deal of experience. On top of that, we provide the trainings they need on the different products, techniques and security. Our success comes from the quality of our people.

Do you have the cheapest prices?

No. There will always be someone who can do the work for a cheaper price. But what do you really want: a cheaper price, or higher value? If someone is able to do the work for a cheaper price than we are, it is because they are providing less value (most often sacrificing the quality of the work performed).

Our goal here at Pro Works Painters is to lead the industry with the highest level of customer service, most efficient service, and a high quality of work. We want your business for the long term, and we know that in order to do this we need to focus on providing the most value. Our prices are competitive with other professional painters, but we will always provide more value.

How many gallons do you need to paint an average size room?

It depends on a number of factors, but unless there are many colors, we can usually paint an average size room with a single gallon.

Why would I buy the best paint? Isn’t it more expensive?

This is a mistake that many people make. Buying a top of the line product will often save you money. While the gallon itself is usually more expensive, the coverage is better and it’s application is easier/faster. As a result of the better coverage, the same surface will often require fewer coats of paint in order to cover effectively, thus often using fewer gallons of paint, thereby saving you material costs. The other aspect is that often using high quality paint will be easier/faster to apply, and therefore take less time. Often the time involved in a project is the most expensive, and therefore by saving time you also save on labour costs. That is why you should buy high quality paint.